There are many training options in the works for 2024 for those interested in developing their Self Salutation meditation practice. Soon you will be able to join group zoom sessions, a 10-week course, and private coaching when those offerings become available.

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$25 / Per Session

In these sessions, Simon will lead the group through the Self Salutation meditations, fielding questions, guiding students through the meditations, and helping students navigate through the Labyrinth of Repressed Emotions as emotional challenges and blocks come up for them in the session.


$199 for the course $599 for the course plus small group sessions

In the online course students will approach the Self Salutation material week by week, focusing on different Syndromes of the Lost Self and the meditations that help to resolve those syndromes. This is an in-depth training that incorporates online videos and small group trainings led by Simon.


$2,500 for a 3-month / 12-session block of coaching calls

Work with Simon directly to help you go deeper in your practice or work through a challenging time. The cost includes weekly sessions, access to the online course, and unscheduled calls for those in a period of challenge.