An Introduction to the Self Salutation

How to Resolve Negative Emotions through Mindfulness Meditation

An Introduction to the Self Salutation presents method of meditation to process negative feelings so you can enjoy mindfulness after meditating.

In meditation you learn to rise above the negative states like stress anxiety and depression. Helpful as such distance is, those challenges can return as soon as you step away from your cushion.

In An Introduction to the Self Salutation, Simon Timm shares his own struggles with mindfulness during one of the most challenging times of his life—an epic failure.

In the book, Simon shares a meditation series that can help you to:

  • Recognize the illusory nature of many of the negative states that disturb you

  • Process and set aside the root cause of negative feelings

  • Transform your most important relationship of all—the one with yourself

  • Bring the harmony you experience during meditation into your relationships with others

  • Find and maintain a state of giving yourself wholeheartedly to the life before you

By the end of The Self Salutation, you will know how to enter your heart of hearts through meditation, love the person you find there, and live from that space in your day-to-day life.